How To Mount The PYTHON  Multi-Purpose Rope Cinch


Securely install the device using common ¼" flat-head screws and nuts or alternatively with #14 flat-head screws for use in wood. Mounting hole spacing is 2.64” (67 mm).

The PYTHON multi-purpose rope cinch has hundreds of uses and can be mounted to nearly anything.

  1. MOORING: The PYTHON rope cinch can be easily installed to docks and pylons to provide a quick mooring point for a boat. The simplicity of the device makes tying up and casting off easy without the need for complicated knots. (Not recommended for use in heavy waves or storms.)
  2. ANCHOR OR DRIFT SOCKS: Once you have your anchor or drift sock in position, place the rope in the device and engage the cam to secure the rope. To shorten the distance, simply pull on the rope. The rope will stay secure and lock back into place. To extend the distance or release the rope, pull on the rope to remove tension and then rotate the cam to release the rope.